Author: Susan Ritchie

UU Identity Boot Camp August 20 Session

Hi all! This unit let’s begin revisiting Unitarianism in the Midwest, by examining this statement, “Things Commonly Believed Among Us” that formed the compromise between the “recalcitrant” Midwestern Unitarians who resisted traditional theological language, and the more traditionally Christian Unitarians of New England. … read more.

Connecting to NUUC during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear NUUC Members and Friends,

After careful consideration, your Board of Trustees has voted to suspend all in person worship services, meetings, and gatherings effective immediately until further notice.     Most importantly, we make this decision out of our religious commitments:  we care about the … read more.

March 20, 2020
Dear NUUC Members and Friends,

We so sincerely hope that this finds you coping well in these difficult new times.  If you are experiencing any special difficulty, or if you know someone who is, please reach out to  In the meantime, even … read more.

Update on Building Project (July’s update)

Your building committee (Bob Keith, John Foreman, Becky Gentry, Susan Ritchie, and Roger Johnson) is feeling quite joyous and grateful.  One of the several gates we have to pass through on our building expansion process is the Orange Township Zoning … read more.