We are thrilled to tell you that a capital campaign based on architect Kay Onwukwe’s design plan was unanimously approved at the congregational meeting on Sunday, March 9, 2019.   
Click here for a drawing of the new floorplan: (Onwukwe Design Scheme)
For the latest developments and next steps,check here:

You can access the presentation to the March 2019 meeting by John Foreman on behalf of the building committee here:

This report contains a summary of financial assumptions, a review of the design features, and an explanation of the cost estimates.  You can also access the brief video showing a 3-D rendering of how the design fits on our existing property here (this video is also include in the presentation file):
Video of 3-D rendering   that was presented at the March Meeting

Visual Renderings of the Building & Our Property
Building Committee member John Foreman developed this exciting 3-D, color video, showing an aerial view of our building the the expansion complete, ending with a fly-through the new interior space to the redesigned sanctuary. 
You can all access a three-D model of the building that you can spin and zoom with your mouse here (to restore to the original view press “f” on you keyboard)
             with Roof on           
             With Roof removed
Here is an artist’s rendering of what the building will look like when the expansion is complete.  This view is looking to the east from the parking lot, with the existing building in the left hand part of the frame.
Here is an artist’s rendering of what the building expansion will look like when viewed from the south, looking north.
Bob Keith made this helpful map showing the NUUC’s property lines and acquisition history: NUUC Current Land Pieces and History – vtx7

For information about the capital campaign, click here:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Building Expansion Project:
 When will the  construction begin?  At this point, a good guess would be December 2020.  
In what ways will the new building be ADA compliant?   The building will be fully complaint, from restrooms, to the new main entrance, and to more subtle interior accommodations, such as ramp access to the pulpit area.
Have a question you would like to see answered here?  Send it to capital@nuuc.org