• Help Us Light Up Christmas Eve!

    During our Christmas Eve worship (December 24, 7 PM) we will be celebrating the season with a service of lessons, carols, and candle lighting. We will share in this time-honored tradition under different roofs this year rather than crowded in together under the roof of our church sanctuary. There are a couple of things you can do the participate in the service and help make it richer for everyone.

    1)  Help us create the feeling of passing candlelight during the service. To do this, please follow the instructions below to record a short video. You can also watch a sample video below for guidance

    • To get ready: Find a candle (a tapered candle would work well). Wear red or darker colors. Find a place to record with a plain, neutral background (e.g. a light-colored wall). Choose your recording device with a camera.
    • Set up your camera so you can have your hands free or have someone in your household assist you with recording. Set the camera to record in landscape mode (i.e. horizontal).
    • Light your candle.
    • Start recording with your lit candle off to your right side as you look into the camera for 2-3 seconds. Or, you can ask someone in your home to hand you the candle on your right side after looking into the camera for a few seconds.
    • Bring the candle from your right side to center and hold it for 2-3 seconds while looking into the camera.
    • Pass the flame to the left by moving it out of the frame on your left side (as if you were lighting someone else’s candle) and then bringing it back to center.
    • Record for 2-3 seconds more with the candle held at center as you look into the camera.
    • Stop your recording.
    • Submit your video via email to minister@nuuc.org by Sunday, December 20.
    • (Don’t worry if you have additional footage at the beginning or end of your recording. We will edit the videos.)
    • If you can, submit a separate video for each member of your household.

    Watch a 20-second sample video here.

    2)  Provide a picture of an adorable newborn in your life!  This year we will use our traditional reading that emphasizes how “each night a child is born is a holy night.”  We are going to do this as a video taped responsive reading, and we would love to illustrate the reading using a photo of babies born to our circles of friends and family within the last few years.  Please send a photo with the name of the child clearly indicated to minister@nuuc.org by Sunday, Dec. 20.

    3) Have a candle ready to light when you attend worship. We will conclude our worship by lighting candles and holding them up for one another.

    Thank you so much for your help in making this worship special for all of us!