• Dear NUUC Members and Friends,

    We wrote in September to say that we were hard at work on the “to-do” list of next steps for our building project as outlined for us in the Financial Feasibility Study final report by our consultant, Barry Finkelstein. That list included a real estate search for existing buildings, as well as a re-evaluation of the cost estimate for the “Option One” design concept that was selected at the congregational meeting this summer as the best of three design concepts from architect Dave Kerr. Finkelstein also urged us to work to find a “unifying design” for building expansion that addresses important aspects of our vision needed for growth and mission alignment that were not present in the “Option One” design, which included only a 1240 square foot gain in space.
    We are happy to now be able to report on those findings and to let you know that we have called for a congregational meeting to be held on Sunday, October 28, at 11:45 AM, for the purpose of asking the congregation for a vote to continue forward.
    First, regarding existing real estate: in September we reported there are no existing church buildings currently on the ...