It is now possible to donate online, either making a one time gift with a credit card or withdrawal from your checking account, or, you can also now arrange a recurring withdrawal using either a credit card or checking account as a way of managing your pledge.  Just click the donate button!



We are currently in the midst of the pledge year that began July 1, 2019 and will conclude June 30, 2020.  Once a year members will be asked in the late spring what number they anticipate donating towards funding the annual operating budget.  If you become a member after our pledge period, we very much appreciate you filling out the form so that we can consistently evaluate and revise our expectations relative to our budget.

While your pledge to the annual operating budget is not directly connected to our exciting building plans (check them out by hitting the “Building Expansion” banner link on the front page of our website), all that we do is connected.  Last year we hired our own sexton rather than continue with a cleaning service, in anticipation of greater need for custodial help in the future.  We also need to hire administrative help, which will free up my time to develop programming that will help us grow into our expansion.  We also want to budget payroll service to relieve the burden on our volunteer Treasurer.

UUA Suggested Pledging Levels

  • Supporter: The congregation is a significant part of my spiritual and intellectual life that I want to support. My fair share financial commitment starts at 2% of my income and rises to 6% as my income and capacity rise.
  •  Sustainer: The congregation is my central community; I am committed to sustaining the programs and ministries of my congregation. My fair share financial commitment starts at 3% of my income and rises to 7% as my income and capacity rise.
  • Visionary: My commitment is a clear demonstration of the unique importance of this congregation and of my spiritual principles. My fair share financial commitment starts at 5% of my income and rises to 9% as my income and capacity rise.
  • Transformer: I am deeply committed to the congregation; my contribution provides fuel for transformation and is part of my spiritual practices in living out my UU Principles. My fair share financial commitment represents 10% of my income.



To see all of our exciting building plans, view the building expansion timeline, and to read about our financial assumptions, click here.



For many months, years, really, members of our congregation have been working tirelessly to lay the foundation for our initial building project – making sure that it is justified, can be done in planned out stages, and truly serves our mission and our need. We believe we have a plan now that not only serves our congregation’s needs now but also as we grow, and is a realistic financial goal (our campaign goal number has been carefully established through conversations with actual potential donors, all vetted by our expert financial feasibility consultant).    Now we need you – how should our congregation move forward? You and your gifts are a key part of our legacy.


Capital campaigns truly stretch us. Yet, there is something special in the act of building and renewal that calls to many of us differently than funding our day-to-day church operations. Moreover, there is something extra special in the legacy that church buildings establish that call to us to join the cause. It is from that well of enrichment from which we ask you to give.  A building project of this size takes gifts at all levels. Some people will have significant funds available for a special cause like this; others will have less – but everyone can contribute and each gift is important!  Also, know that if your financial situation changes, and you need to alter your pledge, we will understand.


Either fill out the capital campaign pledge form at the link above, or contact to be in touch with an individual steward, and/or give by pressing the red donate button.