UU Identity: NUUC Summer Boot Camp 2020 MODULE 1

This module consists of four brief videos. In them, we explore the key principles of congregational polity (how we understand and distribute power and authority within the church). We then move on to explore how the Unitarians emerged in North America as a splinter of the Congregationalist Church. Finally, we explore the first theological dilemma that arose within the American Unitarian church: a question about whether the authority to recognize truth is internal, or external, a question raised by the new movement of Transcendentalism.

Because of our limited time, we will not be doing a Module on the earliest origins of Unitarianism in Europe. Let me know, though, if that is an interest and I can happily supply some resources.

Warning: these videos were created by me at various points in the past for a variety of different purposes, mainly for the UU Leadership Training Institute, our denominational school for committed lay leaders. Please forgive, then, confusing or contradicting references to Module numbers, in addition to hairstyles and other modes of personal presentation that are confusing or contradicting to my current bodily manifestations!

You can see a list of the topics for all six modules of our class by clicking here.

Video Overview and Introduction to Module Two (4:10)

Video: Primary Voices and Principles in Congregational Polity (14:26)

Video: Early American Unitarianism (10:39)

Bonus Video : Death, Unitarian Style

FYI: This web article contains the same information as the video on Congregational Polity, but in written form, if you prefer that to the video presentation, or would like to use it as a reference.