UU Identity: NUUC Summer Boot Camp Module 3 Unitarianism Matures

In this lesson, we focus on trends in Unitarianism after Transcendentalism, but before the 20th century, and we look at the special role the Midwest has played in Unitarian history. Here is a video lecture for introduction (15:22):

Here are some short readings if you are interested:

Here is a brief but helpful summary of Unitarian and Universalist approaches to abolition:

As referenced in the video lecture, William Channing Gannet, “Thing Commonly Believed Among Us,” 1887.  Available at the website:  http://www.famousuus.com/writings/things_commonly_believed.htm

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: I LOVE this sermon by Rev. Jane Rzepka, on the occasion of the UUA General Assembly being in Cleveland, Ohio, it speaks beautifully to the spirit of the Western/Midwestern Unitarianism. Click here.