A Typical Year in the Life of the NUUC Congregation

Every year, we enjoy some some traditional worship services as well as some traditional social or congregational activities.  The table below gives you an idea of what some of these services and activities are and when they usually occur.

You can read more about what some of Our Traditions mean.

  Worship Social or Congregational Activities
January Service recognizing the contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr.  
February   Annual congregational Chili Cook-off
March Passover Seder (date dependent on Jewish calendar)


Election of new board members

April Memorial service recognizing family members in the congregation (last lay-led service before Easter)


Flower Celebration service (Easter Sunday)

Service Auction fund-raiser
May Music Sunday service consisting mostly of live music  
June Recognition service for high school seniors


Recognition service for religious education teachers

August   School Supplies service project

September In-gathering (water celebration) on first Sunday after Labor Day Annual congregational yard sale fund-raiser


Bloodmobile service project

October Service recognizing the Jewish High Holy Days (date dependent on Jewish calendar) Crop Walk service project


Every Member Canvass fund-raiser

November Bread Celebration (Sunday before Thanksgiving)  
December Christmas Eve candlelight service Guest At Your Table service project


Holiday Family service project


Congregational budget meeting