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Morgan Patten, Director of Religious Exploration    morgan@nuuc.org

Morgan Patten combines her passions for Unitarian Universalism and learning as the Director of Religious Education. Morgan holds a Master’s in Education and has worked in instructional design in the public and private sectors for more than a decade. As a former treatment foster parent, she has experience collaborating with youth and families from a range of backgrounds. She also serves as a Commissioned Lay Minister.

Morgan lives with her partner, Cara and their five kids, dog, and cat. When she isn’t at church or at work, she enjoys running long distances, baking ridiculously complex birthday cakes for her family, and playing board games.

Teri Cornell, Administrative Assistant

Teri Cornell is one of our Commissioned Lay Ministers and a retired elementary school secretary. She has been married 43 years to her partner also named Terry and has 3 grown children. They are Mimi and Pop to five grandchildren. In addition to being a CLM Teri has been very involved in many opportunities for leadership and service at NUUC where she has been a member for over 20 years.