• Wellness Wanted!
    Wellness Wanted!
    Are you looking for a bit of respite, inspiration or community during this time of uncertainty?
    Do you have a virtual exhibit or class idea that you would like to share?
    Then we are looking for you!
    While we may not be together in person, we are always together in spirit. As a community, it is more important now than ever to support each other. Introducing Wellness Wanted, a monthly segment in the NUUC newsletter that showcases ways to get involved with each other (while maintaining a six-foot distance, of course!).
    Wellness Wanted has two parts: a repository for things you are doing and a request for things you want to do.
    The repository is part calendar, part idea bank. We want to highlight what you are doing: a class you are teaching, an art exhibit you are involved in, a book you enjoyed or any other way you have connected with the world or spent your time during quarantine.
    The request is what recommendations you may need: do you want to do a virtual weaving class but can’t find one? Do you need a recommendation for a good movie? Are you having trouble deciding on which virtual yoga class to take? The request section will include your contact info and those with suggestions can reach out to you directly.
    Our first installment will be in the March NUUC newsletter. Please send all requests and suggestions (and any questions) to Melinda Rosenberg at melindarosenberg@gmail.com by Friday, February 19th!