Queer(ing) Religion 101: It Is All True

Today’s message is an extended response to a congregant’s question, “what does ‘queer’ mean?”  Once a slur, “queer” has been reclaimed by activists to celebrate the power of people and ideas and even religious beliefs that don’t fit easily into established categories.  We’ll explore how … read more.

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  • NUUC to Reopen for Face to Face Worship Sept. 12, 2021 July 16, 2021
    REOPENING PLANS NUUC will resume in-person services with our Ingathering worship service on 9/12/2021, with the following precautions: Masks will be required for everyone. As a community we value inclusion, and we want to provide a safe and supportive environment where as many people as possible can attend regardless of their health or vaccination status. There will be a greeter at each entrance with a supply of masks for those who haven’t brought their own. Due to the mask requirement, we will not be having coffee, food or drinks after the service. While our sanctuary is far too small to accommodate social distancing between all attendees, we will attempt to make space for those who wish to keep some distance between themselves and others. The service will be screened in Fellowship Hall to provide additional seating space in case the sanctuary exceeds capacity, ...

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After many years of complacency with traditional religion I began a search for a congregation that would advance my spiritual journey in a supportive environment. At North Unitarian Universalist Congregation I have found a place where different religious backgrounds, life experiences and talents come together. I now feel I am where I should be, my only regret is I didn’t start that search sooner. ~ Jeff Turner     They believe in me–my holiness, my truth, and my life–so much, so freely, and so kindly!  It is life-giving. I can’t help but to return, and share. ~ Sarah Weaver