Cultivating Stillness in a World of Chaos

Attend 10:30 Sunday either in person (vaccinated and masked) or online (connection link below)

What do mindfulness practices, including meditation, have to offer us in this present moment of prolonged pandemic and crumbling social systems? In this sermon, Katie will share her journey with mindfulness … read more.

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  • NUUC to Reopen for Face to Face Worship Sept. 12, 2021 August 31, 2021
    NUUC Reopening for face to face Worship on September 12, 2021connecting via Zoom will remain an optionVaccination (for 12+ only) and face masks required We have all worked extremely hard during the pandemic to keep our families, congregations and communities safe, while longing for the time when the pandemic is behind us. Unfortunately, vaccine hesitancy, breakthrough cases in vaccinated individuals and the alarming contagiousness of the COVID-19 Delta variant (even among the vaccinated) call for re-evaluation of many of our plans.The Delta variant setback has many of us, feeling frustrated, heartbroken and exhausted. We are not where we hoped to be. We are all coming to terms with the reality that the pandemic will be with us in various forms for some time. And creating a space for those who choose to gather in person for worship is increasingly important for our ...

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After many years of complacency with traditional religion I began a search for a congregation that would advance my spiritual journey in a supportive environment. At North Unitarian Universalist Congregation I have found a place where different religious backgrounds, life experiences and talents come together. I now feel I am where I should be, my only regret is I didn’t start that search sooner. ~ Jeff Turner     They believe in me–my holiness, my truth, and my life–so much, so freely, and so kindly!  It is life-giving. I can’t help but to return, and share. ~ Sarah Weaver