The Bread of Angels: What Is Sustaining to Us Now?

We explore how the recipe for gratitude involves both effort and an openness to the graces beyond our control.  In the tradition of our post-Thanksgiving service, there will be an opportunity to participate by sharing the blessings—whether small or large—that are sustaining to us right … read more.

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  • October 8, 2020
    Building Expansion Update In September we went through the last round of approvals for our project from the Orange Township Zoning Board, so now we have clear sailing for developing our Design Development and Construction documents from our Schematic Design.  Once that is done, we can begin to plan construction, some of which might begin as early as late fall or winter 2020.

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After many years of complacency with traditional religion I began a search for a congregation that would advance my spiritual journey in a supportive environment. At North Unitarian Universalist Congregation I have found a place where different religious backgrounds, life experiences and talents come together. I now feel I am where I should be, my only regret is I didn’t start that search sooner. ~ Jeff Turner     They believe in me–my holiness, my truth, and my life–so much, so freely, and so kindly!  It is life-giving. I can’t help but to return, and share. ~ Sarah Weaver