Fahrenheit 451

We mark “Banned Books Week” with questions about visions that are just too truthful for some to bear.

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  • August 5, 2018

    We celebrate Ingathering, the start of the new church year on Sunday, September 9 with an intergenerational worship service.   We are keeping this year the changes to the water celebration begun last year. You are invited to bring a vial of water to the service that reflects your summer experience, and we will mingle those waters.  But instead of sharing the location from which you collected your water, you will be invited to cast a pebble into the waters that reflects and sets your intentions for the year ahead. The new Religious Education program year starts on September 16.

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After many years of complacency with traditional religion I began a search for a congregation that would advance my spiritual journey in a supportive environment. At North Unitarian Universalist Congregation I have found a place where different religious backgrounds, life experiences and talents come together. I now feel I am where I should be, my only regret is I didn’t start that search sooner.

They believe in me--my holiness, my truth, and my life--so much, so freely, and so kindly!  It is life-giving. I can't help but to return, and share.