What does membership in a Unitarian Universalist Church entail?

Since our movement is one that embraces theological diversity, there is no test of belief for membership. Membership in the church is attained by simply signing the membership book.  Signing the membership book does two things.  First, it expresses your interest in sharing your talents, resources and energy with our congregation.  As always, the quality and quantity of that sharing is up to you.  As one of our ministers, the Rev. Jack Mendelsohn, put it “…in joining a Unitarian Universalist church, the initiative is entirely yours.  You do not sign on someone else’s dotted line of spiritual development, and there is no fine print.”  Second, signing the membership book formalizes the church’s commitment to you, and consists of our promise to value and support, within our larger community, your individual path.

If you are interested in membership, be sure to check our Adult Programs and Upcoming Events for classes and gatherings that will help you get to know us better.  And anytime you would benefit from conversation about your involvement or belonging, please reach out to our minister for more information.