The Good Death, Unitarian Universalist Style

Rev. Ritchie recounts the many institutions and practices, from rural cemeteries to cremation to memorial societies and green burials, that Unitarian Universalists have put in place to make sure that the dying, the dead and those in mourning are not exploited, but rather granted the … read more.

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    Vaccines are strongly recommended.  Masks are not required, but please consider that masks are our best roll for preventing respiratory disease spread.  Both KN95 masks and regular surgical masks will be provided at the door.  The three pews in the Northeast corner of the sanctuary will be reserved for masked persons only, with the pew in front of those left empty.  If you are ill, or have been exposed to illness but are not feeling ill, please join the service online.  

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After many years of complacency with traditional religion I began a search for a congregation that would advance my spiritual journey in a supportive environment. At North Unitarian Universalist Congregation I have found a place where different religious backgrounds, life experiences and talents come together. I now feel I am where I should be, my only regret is I didn’t start that search sooner. ~ Jeff Turner     They believe in me–my holiness, my truth, and my life–so much, so freely, and so kindly!  It is life-giving. I can’t help but to return, and share. ~ Sarah Weaver