What’s Up with Free Will?

Free will is a very interesting subject.  Do we have it, or not.  Our society and entire system of justice is based on the idea that we are responsible for our actions because we have the power to consciously control what we do and how … read more.

Disorganized Religion

Many religious liberals connect organized religion with creedalism and hierarchical oppression.  In today’s message, Rev. Susan will talk about the Unitarian Universalist commitment to understand power and authority in ways that preserve collective and individual freedoms. 

Not coincidentally, our annual meeting will be held immediately after … read more.

Confessions of a Part Time Skeptic

Rev. Susan wrestles with the role of skepticism in her own life, and in faith in general. 

Join us at 10:30 AM at our newly renovated and expanded church home at 1574 Franklin Street, Lewis Center, Ohio, or, attend online using this link: Join Zoom Meeting

… read more.