Moving Into the Future

Announcing NUUC’s Annual Pledge Drive

May 15-June 15, 2023

Our NUUC pulpit being relocated during construction

We have been so busy working on the building expansion now in the active construction phase, it is now time to turn our attention to the other infrastructures that will support our dreams and mission.   We depend on those  who have signed the membership book as well as friends of the congregation to make pledges that cover our operational costs. All contributions needed and appreciated!

If  you have participated in the worship services, religious exploration materials and classes, social and service opportunities, please pledge!  Doing so will allow us to continue offer these same benefits to the people in our congregation, community, and beyond.

Don’t let Covid Take One More Thing You Love

Giving to the annual operating budget has been down since the pandemic struck. We have been able to cover our operating expenses with the help of two Paycheck Protection Loans from the government.  We did not have the advantage of those monies during this fiscal year, and our expenses are outpacing our donations.  Our current budget anticipated $160K in pledges, and we are about $30K short of that number. To support our goal budget for this upcoming fiscal year, we need $180K in pledges. Most of our budget represents staff compensation and some overhead. We really need to do well in this pledge drive to continue to support our staff.  If you have not pledged before, please pledge now.  If you are already pledged, please consider increasing your pledge to the extent that you can afford it.  To get us off to a good start, Rev. Susan Ritchie and Treasurer Lyn Savidge made pledges that are 150% greater than the ones they offered last year.    NUUC  members and friends expect the congregation not only to provide worship and religious  education for us and our families, but we also count on the congregation to be here for us in  intensely personal ways: when we celebrate, when we grieve, when we work for justice. We want the congregation to thrive and to continue to be a vital resource not only for  ourselves, but for our communities, the world, and the future.

The Annual Pledge Drive is the time of year when we each consider what financial support we can offer the congregation so  that it is here when it is needed most. 

How Can I Pledge?

  1. You may be contacted by a stewarda fellow member of the congregation who is helping us with our pledge drive.  You can share your intentions with your steward or fill out a pledge card that your steward provides you.
  2. You can fill out a pledge form online by clicking here
  3. You can set up an automatically recurring donation by clicking here

What is a Pledge? Is it Binding?

A pledge is a commitment to donate a certain amount of money to the congregation during the fiscal year. It is a statement of intent. It is not a legally binding obligation. Do not hesitate to pledge because you are uncertain about your financial situation. Pledges can be adjusted in times of shifting resources. We depend upon your pledges for the continued health and wellbeing of our congregation. 

What is the Annual Pledge Drive?

Each spring the NUUC asks its members and friends to make a commitment of financial support  (a pledge) for the coming fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Our Annual Pledge Drive provides the  funds that make the life of our congregation possible.   Finances are important during the Annual Pledge Drive, but we also want to give everyone an  opportunity to reconnect with the congregation and to reflect on what we do together. 

Do I Have to Pledge?

Making and fulfilling an annual pledge deepens our faith and sustains the UUFC for the benefit  of us all and the wider community we serve, but you are not required to make a pledge.  Per current NUUC bylaws, you do not have to pledge to be a member, although you do need to make a financial contribution (of any size) at least once annually.

The congregation depends upon pledges to fund almost all our operating budget, so all are encouraged to make a pledge.

How Much Does It Cost to Run the Congregation?

Our budget is very basic, with three main categories of overhead expenses, direct support for programming, compensation for our staff and our Fair Share Contribution to the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Here’s a breakdown of last year’s budget categories and their associated expenses:

  • Compensation (minister, director of religious education, music director, pianist, childcare/RE assistant, bookkeeper, administrative assistant, custodian): $156K
  • Overhead (mortgage, utilities, repairs and maintenance, fire alarm, supplies): $39K
  • Direct Programming Support: $10K
  • Fair Share Contribution to the Unitarian Universalist Association: $11K

What Are My Payment Options?

  1. Online: You can give online by clicking here.  If you use a credit card, please consider adding 3% to your pledge to cover fees.
  2. Mail a Check: Checks can be made out to NUUC, please write the word “pledge” in the memo line of the check, and mail to NUUC, PO Box 541, Lewis Center, OH 43035
  3. Required Minimum Distribution: for those who hold retirement accounts (401K, IRA, and some others) who  are 72 or older (if you were born on or after July 1, 1949) or those 70.5 and older (if born  before July 1, 1949), you can have your required minimum distribution (RMD) transferred  directly to the NUUC. The advantage of this for you is that you then do not have to pay tax on  these monies. Contact your retirement fund advisor or tax advisor for details. 

How Much Should I Pledge?

Our Unitarian Universalist Association  has developed a Fair Share Giving Guide (below).  This is simply a guide – some of our members pledge at higher  levels and others at lower levels, based on their capability. Everyone’s circumstances are different. We recognize and deeply embrace the financial  diversity of our congregation. To make this a congregation for all, we ask those who are able to  carry a greater financial commitment to our beloved community.