Where is our Holy Church? A Special Easter Worship

Join us for a special  virtual Easter service,   April 12, at our usual   time of 10:30 AM.   And   yes!  We will be   observing our usual   flower celebration, only   virtually!  On or before April 9,   please send a photo of   a  flower or small   bouquet representing   you or your family to  revritchie@aol.com before end of day on Thursday April 9. We’ll collect them into a   special video   presentation. The   flower(s) can take   any   form:  Something   you   draw, or grew, or   even   something you   found   online and just   like. It   would be   especially   nice if you have a photo   of you or a family   member holding the   flower.  We look forward   to seeing what you   come  up with! THIS WORSHIP WILL BE ENTIRELY ONLINE. Click here for information on how to connect.