Building Expansion Underway!

Dear NUUC Friend ,

It is with great pleasure that I tell you that after many years now of planning designing, pricing, budgeting, and raising funds, as of May 5, 2023, our Building Expansion project is officially underway!  We are thrilled that 2023 will be the year for “getting this done.”   For all of you who have committed time and treasure to this project already, thank you so much.     

If you could take a moment now to either make a capital campaign pledge if you have not already, or if  you have made a pledge that you have not yet paid, if you could let us know your intentions for payment, that would be very helpful to us—we will need to begin paying our contractor for construction work very shortly.   Please do pledge to the capital campaign even if you can only make a very small contribution—it is very important to the generous donor who came through with matching funds to overcome our final budget gap to see full participation by the congregation in this momentous effort to make sure that Unitarian Universalism thrives in Central Ohio now and in the future.  And if you have already made a capital pledge, but can add on something additional to help us meet the matching goal, that would be immensely appreciated. 

To make a capital pledge (either a new pledge or an additional one), visit  If you haven’t made an annual pledge and would like to, you can either set up a recurring gift at, or fill out the annual pledge form here:

Or, if you’d rather not go online, you can just email your plans to

Rev. Susan Ritchie, alongside your NUUC Board of Trustees