Giving Thanks

Our annual intergenerational celebration of Thanksgiving, complete with bread communion.

Unplugging the Machine

Holiday and Winter Survival Guide int he form of a  casual, intergenerational participatory worship.

Mystery: The Power of Unknowing

The younger children are with us for the first part of worship, and the sixth graders and up for the whole service, as we introduce this month’s theme in worship and religious education, “Mystery.” Today we explore how certitudes keep us small.


Affiliated Community Minister Rev. Joan Van Beceleare offers the worship today.

Stars and Other Guiding Lights

How different winter holidays share the theme of human intersections with cosmological order and regeneration, and how this might inspire us to dig deeper for meaning in the darkest of seasons.

Winter Solstice Service

Come share in a worship full of poetry, music, and candlelight; with rituals for releasing the past and setting our fresh intentions as wheel of the year turns yet again. The service will be in the sanctuary from 7:00 PM-7:40 PM. All interested are invited … read more.

Songs of Old

Why of all holiday traditions, storytelling may be the most emblematic and universal.