Paying Attention, Veteran Style

NUUC member and Veteran Jeff Hill offers the worship today, on the intersection of our monthly theme of “attention” with his experience as a veteran of military service.


Our annual intergenerational celebration of Thanksgiving, complete with bread communion.


The younger children are with us for the first part of worship, and the 6th graders and up for the whole service, as we introduce this month’s theme in worship and religious education, “Awe.”

Inspiring Awe

While our universe is full of awe-inspiring places and creatures, most of us don’t spend our days hiking mountains or swimming with dolphins. NUUC member Morgan Patten explores how we can inspire feelings of awe in the more mundane parts of our lives – … read more.

The Winter of the Spirit

In this holiday season, we still need to pay attention to our less joyous feelings, and hear their lesson as well.

What If God Were One of Us?

This season’s sacred stories speak to delicious and thought-provoking mixtures of the human and the divine.