Religious Exploration at NUUC!

Hey everyone, if you haven’t noticed, the Nielsen House is open again and there are big things happening there!

Our Summer Exploration program has begun! What does that mean? That means no lessons, no curriculum, just play; creative, exciting, sometimes messy, always fun play.

Our kids have been through so much in the past few years. It’s time for some much-needed playtime. To that end, we have created many wonder- filled play spaces for children to explore each Sunday. They’ll find sensory areas, free-flowing art activities, creative games and outdoor activities to spark their imagination and sense of wonder.

Not sure if your kids will feel safe and comfortable? No worries, parents are welcome to stay too. We have a lovely parent’s table in the kitchen where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation with other parents while your kids have the time of their lives.

Adults, are you jealous? Well, you’re in luck! We are in need of adult chaperones, whose job it will be to…well, to play. Come play in the sensory boxes or paint with shaving cream while enjoying a great conversation with a 6-year-old about why the sky is blue. It is sure to be one hour, well spent.

Play dough and finger paint a little too close for comfort? You can also help by checking the bulletin board in the fellowship hall. We need gardeners, builders, bakers and story-tellers.

Also, look for some fun intergenerational activities planned for after services this Summer!

Jacquie Zarley, Intern Minister and Director of Religious Education