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New Years Day Worship

Commissioned Lay Minister Teri Cornell, with assistance from Rev. Ritchie, offers a participatory worship on the theme of discernment: what should we leave in the past year? What should we carry forward?

Join us in person or online:

Susan Ritchie (she, her, hers) is inviting you … read more.

Christmas Eve in Story, Lesson, Candle and Carol

Join us in person or online for our Annual Christmas Eve service. Folks attending from home–if you can, please have a candle on hand that you can light.

Christmas cookie reception to follow after worship.

Join in person or online, Dec. 24, 2022 … read more.

Winters of the World

Rev. Ritchie turns to the wisdom of earth centered traditions to explore the special meaning and role of winter in the cycles not just of the earth, but of the spirit, and how early religious imagery around winter still informs how we relate to the … read more.

Darwin’s Dog, Or, Love Inside The Tangled Bank

Beginning, but not ending, with Charles Darwin, Rev. Ritchie explores an especially Unitarian Universalist form of spiritual experience:  biophilia, or, the love of life. 

Join in person or online, link below:

Susan Ritchie (she, her, hers) is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: NUUC Sunday Morning … read more.

A Catalog of Delights and Laments

Rev. Ritchie explores how the spiritual practice of gratitude goes far beyond feeling grateful for the blessings we received.  Done in a deep way, gratitude emerges from the very place where joys and sorrows are woven fine. 

Join us in person (masks required) or online (link … read more.

Tisquantum’s Interpretation

Intern Minister Jacquie Zarley will share the story of Tisquantum, the Wampanoag Native who helped the Pilgrims survive their first winter. His true story is an intriguing commentary on the power of interpretation and the ability to communicate meaning across cultures.

Attend in person (masked, vaccines … read more.

Saving Time

So much about how we view our situations, both personally and global, has to do with our understanding about the nature of time.  In this worship we explore how a paradigmatic “time change”  creates possibilities not just for hope, but positive action.  Attend in person (masked, … read more.

Dark and Stormy

In this sermon, Rev. Susan shares some of the insights she had while writing her new book about the impact of Unitarian theology on gothic literature.   Some might be surprised to learn that Unitarianism, closely associated with the Enlightenment and its positive valuation of reason … read more.