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What Does Article II Have to Do With You?

Intern Minister Jacquie Zarley will explore Article II of the UUA Bylaws. This article includes our Principles and Sources. As the UUA plans to make changes to this article for the first time in many years, it provides us with an opportunity to revisit our … read more.

Our Experiments in Truth

The fourth principle of the congregations belonging to the Unitarian Universalist Association asks us to “affirm and promote the free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”  On this Fourth of July weekend, we explore the connection between “free” and “truth” by looking into the … read more.

Stonewall Was Never a Riot, or, What a Time to Be Gay!

On the 53rd anniversary of the famous Stonewall Uprising, Ministerial Intern, Jacquie Zarley will sift through the wild stories and mythology to recount what historians and eyewitnesses believe actually happened on that fateful day in June of 1969. Rest assured, the real story is just … read more.

Juneteenth and Joy as a Spiritual Practice

Living in a world rife with racial oppression and other forms of injustice is heartbreaking. However, one of the lessons of Juneteenth is that freedom can come if we work for it. Commissioned Lay Minister Morgan Patten will explore how joy and resilience, as spiritual … read more.

Blue Boat Home: A Deep Dive

Rev. Ritchie uncrates the many images packed into the hold of one of Unitarian Universalism’s favorite hymns to get at the heart of not just of the meaning of our sixth principle, which asks us to “affirm and promote the goal of world community with … read more.

Reteaching Loveliness: The Art of Blessing

The poet Galway Kinnell describes blessing as a reawakening the bud of inner divinity that lies within all, through the act of “reteaching loveliness.”  This Sunday, amid so much that beats down the spirit, we relearn the art of flowering. 

Join us in person (masked and … read more.

What Shall We Remember?

From the fraught history of the holiday itself, to the complicated challenge of finding appropriate ways to publicly remember those who have died in war, we explore whose history it is that Memorial Day is meant to preserve, and for what reasons.  

Join us in … read more.

Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

How beauty feeds the soul, and how this conviction informs our lives, theology, and well-being.   “We are made immortal,” Emerson wrote, “by the contemplation of beauty.”

Attend at 10:30 AM Sunday either in person (masked and vaccinated except in the case of medical exemptions) or online … read more.

It Matters: The Life and Teachings of Sophia Lyon Fahs

Ministerial Intern, Jacquie Zarley and Morgan Patten, Commissioned Lay Minister, co-lead our worship today. Jacquie will preach on Sophia Lyon Fahs (1876-1978),  an extraordinary religious educator whose teachings sought to stimulate and capture the sense of wonder and creativity in our everyday lives. Fahs believed that … read more.

Crowdsourcing Stardust

On this Mother’s Day weekend, we celebrate all those persons who have nurtured in others the desire and ability to live into life’s questions without artificial restraint, and with attention to the needs of all to live with a sense of higher purpose.  This worship … read more.