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In the Hands of an Angry Self

We have all spent a lot of time this year learning to live with ourselves.  Today’s service explores how we might be better companions to ourselves through the practice of self-acceptance. Rev. Susan Ritchie hosts and offers the message, with assistance from Intern Minister … read more.

Can We Hear Each Other Through Our Masks?

These are intense times.  Not only do we need to worry about masks, the economy, social distancing, lining up for vaccinations and rising death tolls – we also find ourselves concerned about people who think the pandemic is a hoax and a forerunner of the … read more.

The Slow Rise: An Easter Celebration

Join us for a special Easter Service intro a new piece from the NUUC Virtual Choir and Dance Group, a virtual flower celebration, and special music from Wade Jones.  Our topic is “The Slow Rise”: not all resurrections are immediate.    

Susan Ritchie (she, her, … read more.

People of the Book

In this service we delve into reading as a spiritual practice that can increase our empathy, strengthen our sense of community, and expand our ability to listen to the transcendent. We’ll also listen to people from within the congregation speaking about the books that have … read more.

How to Grow a Soul: A Manual for Spring

This week marks the one year anniversary of the suspension of face to face worships, and also the approach of the spring equinox, that time of year where the lightness and darkness remain in perfect balance.  It is a perfect time to both reflect on … read more.

Willing to Feel: The Healing Power of Emotions

As we aspire to grow and nurture our spiritual lives, we sometimes forget the goodness of facing the more painful feelings we encounter in life.  Join our guest preacher Rev. Jennifer Ryu for a reflection on the healing power of emotions.

Rev. Jennifer Ryu was ordained … read more.

“Oneliness: Towards a Desert Island Theology”

Did you know that loneliness is a relatively recent human phenomenon?  In this worship we survey the mystical and secular literature related to desert islands, which suggests that isolation can be an important experience that connects us to ultimate and sustaining truths, and that there … read more.

The Modern Ancient Wisdom of Fierce Women

In this service, we’ll consider how the upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim, especially its celebration of heroines Esther and Vashti, might speak to the collective liberation hopes of Unitarian Universalists by emphasizing there is no singular, correct way to do the right things.

Susan Ritchie (she, … read more.

Was Cupid a Sociopath?

This Valentine’s Day Weekend we reflect on how all forms of love involve a series of choices, decisions, and judgments that need to be made over and over again. 

Susan Ritchie (she, her, hers) is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: NUUC VIRTUAL WORSHIP … read more.