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Spirit of Life

As Unitarian Universalists, we have many ways of naming those things in life that inspire wonder, awe, and reverence. Whether or not we believe that there is divinity at work in our universe, we experience moments of what our Unitarian Universalist Principles name as “transcending … read more.

Making Space

Rev. Ritchie explores how making spaces with intentionality can enhance our spirituality and even promote faith.  We’ll cover literal physical spaces, the spaces that define our relationships to others, and making space in our schedules for reflection.   

Attend in person, or online, Zoom link below. … read more.

Sewing Together: Lessons in Interdependence

As UUs, we often talk about our place in the interdependent web of life, about the universality of worth and dignity, and about our need for one another. On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend, Commissioned Lay Minister Morgan Patten will invite us to … read more.

The Why and the What

This Sunday, Guest speaker, UU Pastor Jef Gamblee, asks Why are we together in congregation? What is it that moves us to give up Sunday morning for a meeting? He’ll be using an excerpt from the movie The Good Catholic as his text. Pastor Jef … read more.

New Years Day Worship

Commissioned Lay Minister Teri Cornell, with assistance from Rev. Ritchie, offers a participatory worship on the theme of discernment: what should we leave in the past year? What should we carry forward?

Join us in person or online:

Susan Ritchie (she, her, hers) is inviting you … read more.

Christmas Eve Worship–ONLINE ONLY due to weather

Join us ONLINE only due to snow emergency for our Annual Christmas Eve service. If you can, please have a candle on hand that you can light.

Join online, Dec. 24, 2022 at 7:00 PM

Susan Ritchie (she, her, hers) is inviting you … read more.

Winters of the World

Rev. Ritchie turns to the wisdom of earth centered traditions to explore the special meaning and role of winter in the cycles not just of the earth, but of the spirit, and how early religious imagery around winter still informs how we relate to the … read more.

Darwin’s Dog, Or, Love Inside The Tangled Bank

Beginning, but not ending, with Charles Darwin, Rev. Ritchie explores an especially Unitarian Universalist form of spiritual experience:  biophilia, or, the love of life. 

Join in person or online, link below:

Susan Ritchie (she, her, hers) is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: NUUC Sunday Morning … read more.