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Anticipation is Making Me Wait

The spiritual discipline of advent is two-fold: on one hand we are asked to be patient; on the other, to stay wide awake to wonder. 

Join us at 10:30 AM for worship, coffee and fellowship time to follow worship. 

Attend in worship in person at the … read more.

The Art of Wintering

Hannukah, Christmas, and Winter Solstice are absolutely separate traditions, but each suggests that accepting the darkness of winter is the first step to the renewal of both literal and metaphysical light.

Join us at 10:30 AM for worship, coffee and fellowship time to follow worship. 

Attend in … read more.

The Happification of All

What makes us happy?  The early teachings of Universalism on the nature of happiness have much in common with the discoveries of the 21st  century academic field of Happiness Studies.  Specifically, happiness is communal, not individual; and happiness cannot be pursued directly, but is a … read more.

Fighting Fake News

As we enter this election year, we will be bombarded with misinformation , disinformation and fake news in all of our various forms of media. Understanding the various ways that false information is shared, and the motives and appeal behind it, is important in avoiding … read more.

Setting a Larger Table

On Thanksgiving, it is customary to display gratitude for the many sources of our sustenance that lie beyond our direct control, whether it be the rough hands that mill our wheat, or the warm sunshine that grows our food.  In this way, gratitude is an … read more.

Such a Curious People!

The virtues of curiosity are becoming increasingly well known.  Curiosity drives scientific discoveries, serves as an important tool for building bridges between people, and even advances the cause of justice.  In this sermon, Rev. Susan will not only remind us of curiosity’s superpowers but discuss … read more.

What Fresh New Hell is This?

Because of a schedule conflict at The Barn, today’s worship is VIRTUAL ONLY.

In light of the crisis in the Middle East, Rev. Susan looks into the Unitarian and Universalist theologies of evil that teach the importance of not dehumanizing ourselves through the demonization of others … read more.

Drawing Down the Moon

Rev. Susan offers an Introduction to Wiccan beliefs and practices.

Join us at 10:30 AM for worship, coffee and fellowship time to follow worship. 

Attend in worship in person at the Barn at Stratford, or online (link provided below). We are worshiping at   the Barn at Stratford … read more.

The Truth about Witch Hunts

Are there really clandestine groups in America plotting to subvert democracy and actively persecuting people with unorthodox beliefs?  Rev. Ritchie examines the role that religion has had in the development of this very strange, paranoid and toxic component of our national DNA.  After the service:  … read more.

Things that Matter (Virtual Only)

Things That Matter

In the midst of today’s cultural change,political uncertainty, and economic confusion, how often do we get a chance to deeply discuss with other members of our congregation those things that really matter? 

On Sunday Oct. 15 we will have a chance to meet with other NUUC … read more.