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God Talk

Rev. Susan continues her series on misunderstood theologies by looking at theism, focusing on the extremely varied and unconventional ways that people can understand “God.”     

Join us at 10:00 AM for coffee and at 10:30 AM for worship (during the month of June only we … read more.

Everything Is Holy Now

Join us at 10:00 AM for coffee and at 10:30 AM for worship (during the month of June only we will be having coffee before rather than after service). In today’s service, Rev. Susan reflects on how summer can remind us to search for … read more.

Creating Connections: Building for the Future

The creative interchange between people can be so powerful that some thinkers understand it as God. In today’s abbreviated service (the service auction immediately follows, starting at 11:15 AM), we celebrate our connections, while also understanding how we can build upon them.

Attend in person at … read more.

The Day Sophia Went Missing

Rev. Ritchie discusses Sophia, or “Wisdom” in the Hebrew Bible, as well as the changing reputation of Mary, mother of Jesus in the Christian tradition, to explore how our images for the divine can to either diminish or inspire our respect for the worth and … read more.

Story Sunday

Join us at the Barn at Stratford for “Story Sunday”

Our service is an OPEN MIC “Story Sunday” facilitated by Becca Morse Our theme is “The Story of Us.” Bring any ”stories” that are less than 4 minutes long to share that speak to who we … read more.

Yes. And…

One of the basic tents of our faith is a commitment to continuous revelation, the belief that we cannot limit ourselves to truths discovered in the past but must also be open to truths yet unfolding.   In the sermon, Rev. Ritchie explores how this teaching … read more.

On the Altar of the Unknown God

Rev. Ritchie explores the misconceptions surrounding agnosticism and speaks about its role in the important work of undoing not binaries that are not only theological but can be used to stigmatize some human identities (lost/found, believer/unbeliever, light/dark).    Attend in person or online (link below)

Stay after … read more.

Science Fiction and the Moral Imagination

adrienne maree brown, activist and student of complexity and change tells us we are living in other people’s imaginations. Currently, we find ourselves in a battle of imaginations. Science fiction can be subversively creative, can we live into author Octavia Butler’s admonition to “make revolution … read more.

Flower Celebration and Easter Egg Hunt

We celebrate Easter with an intergenerational flower celebration.  If possible, bring a cut flower to service for each member of your party.  EASTER EGG hunt immediately after worship.

Join us in person, or online, link below.

Current Covid Policy: Vaccines are strongly recommended.  Masks are not required, … read more.